Car & RV Rentals

Traveling by car can be a good way to explore Jämtland Härjedalen. Whether you go with your own car or rent a car we recommend you to pay attention to the road conditions which can vary within Sweden, as well as within the region of Jämtland Härjedalen. Wintertime the roads are likely to be slippery – studded tires is a good idea and make sure you always have a bit of extra time, check weather forecasts and look out for moose and reindeers on the side of the road!

Travel distances (time/km)

Stockholm – Östersund | approx. 6 h | approx. 600 km
Stockholm – Sveg | approx. 5 h | approx. 440 km
Gothenburg – Östersund | approx. 9,5 h| approx. 780 km
Gothenburg – Sveg | approx. 7 h | approx. 620 km
Trondheim – Östersund | approx. 4 h | approx. 270 km
Trondheim – Funäsdalen | approx. 3,5 h | approx. 220 km
Röros – Funäsdalen | approx. 1 h | approx. 80 km

RV or Rental Car

Take the train or fly into Jämtland Härjedalen and rent a car on site. Contact one of the car rental firms listed:

Conscious Travel / Green Travel

The most environmental friendly way to get around AdventureSweden is by bike. Naturally that will take some time since the area is the size of the Netherlands… But if you have the time we guarantee you will have the experience of a lifetime!

There is constant work on building a network for fueling electric cars within the province, check out a map here.

Also check out travelling by public buses or train.