Bear’s Den in Lofsdalen

Adventure with added comfort

Bear’s Den in Lofsdalen is a hideout for watching wildlife up close, especially the Scandinavian brown bear.

Bear´s Den in Lofsdalen Photo: Marti Olson

The cabin is deep in the forest, and the last few kilometres are done on foot, across logs and stones. Once there, the bear adventure begins. There is a guide on site to provide information about the night-time rules, as well as about the Scandinavian brown bear and other wild animals you may encounter during the night, after which you are left alone to await an extraordinary experience.

This is when the adventure starts in Lofsdalen’s Bear’s Den, and it is an adventure with added comfort. The cabin is of a high standard, with 6 beds, kitchen, dining table and separation toilet. In the front of the cabin the windows face the feeding area on the marsh. There are specially-designed camera spyholes and comfortable seats. During the evening and night there are snacks to enjoy, if you can bring yourself to leave the view.

Bear´s Den in Lofsdalen Photo: Martin Olson
Bear´s Den in Lofsdalen. Photo: Martin Olson

The world’s best game watching?

Jämtland Härjedalen has a rich fauna. Regardless of whether you are a game watcher, ornithologist, nature-lover or hunter. Vast mountains, babbling streams, clear lakes, huge forests and northern Europe’s big five: bear, elk, lynx, beaver and ptarmigan. In our forests you can experience everything from the gracious mating dances of the capercaillie (one of our magnificent forest birds) to elk, lynx, wolverine, arctic fox, wolf and brown bear.

The elk is pretty much Sweden’s national animal, Jämtland’s provincial animal, and has a large population in our region. It has been an important part of our diet since first man ever came to the region, and is an incredible animal to view in its natural environment.

The bear is Härjedalen’s provincial animal and are especially abundant around Sonfjället in Destination Vemdalen and along the Wilderness Road in northern Jämtland. Sonfjället is also home to Old Rasmus, a spruce tree that is at least 9,500 years old, making it one of the world’s oldest trees.

Game watching is a thrilling way of experiencing the natural world and there are numerous companies to show you the way to the wildest wilderness; there are easy or more demanding excursions. Sometimes you stay in a camouflaged hideout or a cabin with spy holes for observing and taking photos, such as when watching bears. To come into close contact with elk, it’s common for the animal’s mating call to be used.

Bear´s Den in Lofsdalen Photo: Marti Olson
Bear´s Den in Lofsdalen Photo: Martin Olson
Bear´s Den in Lofsdalen Photo: Marti Olson
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