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Quite a few world-famous brands within the sports- and outdoor sector are founded in the mountains of Jämtland Härjedalen, far up north in Scandinavia. The natural playground attracts and forms innovative entrepreneurs and with todays world-leading research and test centre in the residence city Östersund it’s no big surprise that Jämtland Härjedalen will continue its long and profound tradition of forming successful companies in the outdoor business.

 The Perfect Arena for Producing Outdoor Equipment

Jämtland Härjedalen is a fantastic arena for outdoors adventures. The scenery is breathtaking with fells, mountains, lakes and no chimneys around even in our city Östersund. The grand surroundings inspire people to come live here and quite a few develop outdoor gear for a living to be able to live and breathe their interest in the outdoors.

The outdoor business in Jämtland Härjedalen is strong. In addition to the natural arena that mother Earth provides there are unique conditions for developing high quality outdoor products thanks to the leading research and test centres; Sports Tech Research Centre and the Swedish Wintersport Reasearch Center Both centres are located at the campus by the university in Östersund.

Outdoor Brands from Jämtland Härjedalen

Peak Performance, Woolpower, Hilleberg, Extrem, Klättermusen, Skhoop and Trangia are a few of the success stories from the region. Among the latest start-ups we find Stellar Equipment that recently launched their first collections, as well as Elevenate, a brand that has hit the international scene with prosperity since their start a few years back. Here are also room for innovative companies like “Rent a Plagg” – an environmentally focused concept based around renting out outdoor clothes and gear for guests instead of selling everything to everyone.


Woolpower focus on warmth from the inside out and manufacture warm woollen undergarments and socks, from the yarn to the finished product, with sustainability in focus. They have existed in Östersund since the start in 1969 and keep all manufacturing there. woolpower.se


Extrem started in a garage on the island Frösön, outside of Östersund, by two friends who wanted to make their own snowboards. Production have outgrown the garage by far and is now located in Åre. Their specialty is freeride skis. extremskis.com


For over 45 years Hilleberg the Tentmaker has specialized in making the highest quality tents and shelters available. Developed in Östersund Hillberg tents are chosen by adventurers all over the world for use in forests, big mountains, deserts and polar regions. hilleberg.se

Stellar Equipment

Founded 2015, in Åre, Stellar Equipment has their mind set out to design, develop and manufacture high performance technical products. Designed to work for many different outdoor activities. They believe that the best thing for the enviroment is to buy less but buy better.  stellarequipment.com


Spektrum is founded by a group of friends – all from Åre – who share a passion for an outdoor lifestyle. Their products are straight forward in design, come in range of colours and with focus on bringing you high level of reliable function-ality in their goggles and eyewear. spektrumeye.com

Peak Performance

Founded in Åre 1986 by three talented skiers, with a desire to be outdoors rather than indoors and the ambition to make clothes with genuine quailty. Peak Performance has gone from being a garage-size company to a market-leading brand.


Founded in 1925, Trangia has for generations been leading the Swedish windproof stove industry. With long experience, solid competence and modern design the company situated in Trångsviken, halfway between Åre and Östersund, is one of the outdoor market’s strongest brands. trangia.se


SWEARE was founded to make comfortable, stylish and functional products for exercise outdoors all year round. That is also the reason why they design and develop their products in the mountain area of Åre, it gives the opportunity to test the products right outside the office door.


Lundhags is an outdoor brand with deep roots in Jämtland. Founded 1932 and best known for manufacturing shoes and boots that last long, handle long hikes and function in all seasons using the shell principle. Today they also produce high quality outdoor clothing. lundhags.se


SKHOOP – The original Skirt company was founded in 1999 by Sissi Kewenter in Åre. The core product is the “winter skirt” – a smart, easy-to-use and warm garment for legs and behind. It is used for all kinds of outdoor activities like skiing, snowshoeing or just a walk in the city. skhoop.se


In just a short period of time Elevenate has gone from being a small project to an established brand with garments being sold all around the world. Tailored and anatomically shaped garments for skiing designed in Åre and tested in the mountains right outside. elevenate.com


Eivy is the clothing company that creates base layers feeling and looking so fresh that you’ll wear them not only while riding but also to the After-Ski, the gym or while chillin’ at home. Based in Åre they want to encourage girls to ride and live their life to the fullest.  eivyclothing.com


Klättermusen are a team of outdoor enthusiasts based in Åre, that since 1984 try to find unique and innovative solutions to everyday outdoor problems. They focus on durable products, pioneering sustainable thinking and creating unique design solutions in outdoor wear and backpacks.  klattermusen.com

Stitch N Stones

Their hats with a zipper is a classic in Åre where the company is situated. An environmentally friendly brand re-using objects with mother earth´s wellbeing in mind, creating new fashionable hats, sweatshirts, headbands and bags. http://stitchnstones.se/




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