Seasons & Timing your Visit

When is the best time of year to visit? In summer or in winter? Autumn or spring? Perhaps it is during the late winter-early spring. The extra special time of year in Jämtland Härjedalen, described, as something of a ‘best-of-both-winter-and-summer-all-at-once’ feeling.

One Year – Five Seasons

In Jämtland Härjedalen we have distinct seasons with something extra added to each one of them. Commonly we count to five differens seasons, while the indigenous Sami people counts to as many as eight – logic, as the weather and nature shifts a lot more than four or five times a year.


Jämtland Härjedalen has an enormous amount of ski resorts; notably Åre, Funäsfjällen, Vemdalen, Lofsdalen and Bydalsfjällen. Nothing beats dressing up warmly, donning windproof outer shells and spending a day outdoors, only to return to the warmth in the evenings for a hot shower and a hearty meal.


The most active of folk can now find time for three activities during the day, including one in the evening. Grab the chance to go ski touring in shorts and surf down the slopes on the sugar shaped snow crystals. Dig in and shape a sofa in the snow and sunbathe while enjoying an orange or a ‘fika’.


The daylight  grows longer as does the chance of doing one outdoor activity in the morning and following it up with another in the afternoon. The air just smells differently than it did in winter, and the human body feels sort of jittery.


All attractions are open between Midsummer and the beginning of August. Every village has its own café, at least one market and the events often compete for the largest number of spectators.


The Mountains explode in a palette of colours and treasures in the form of berries and mushrooms are ripe for gathering and picking. Hiking, fishing or finding an art gallery, an event or a museum seem like worthy pastimes this time of the year.

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