Tour suggestion: Wildlife and Mountain Views

The region Jämtland Härjedalen in the Swedish Mountains is loved by tourists since centuries. This roundtrip of about 550 km takes you south from the provincial city Östersund, to see wildlife and breathtaking views of the mountains. We can promise your taste buds will have a trip of a lifetime as well.

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Södra rundturen Jämtland Härjedalen Fäbodar fjäll vilda djur
The Southern Roundtrip of Jämtland Härjedalen: Wildlife and Mountain Views.
Moose | Photo: Fredrik Broman
If you are up for an unforgettable game viewing expedition and are eager to meet the wild animals in Sweden, Jämtland Härjedalen is the place to go.

Day one: Moose encounters and Woodcraft

Feed the Moose at Moose garden

The route begins in Östersund and heads off over Frösön and over the Vallsundsbron bridge to the Moose garden in Orrviken. Make a stop and join the guide to say hello to the kings and queens of the forest, the moose. Cross the Sannsundsbron Bridge with a glance at the Oviken mountains in the south and the Åreskutan in the far west.

The Woodworkers in Persåsen

Make a stop at Wikners in Persåsen, passionate woodworkers famed for their skills at woodcraft and exhibitions on the richness of the region’s inventiveness. Wikners exhibits include art exhibitions and a shop filled with furniture as well as smaller works of art. It may be time for lunch or dinner so make sure you stop by their restaurant and if you feel like staying over, there are cabins decorated in Persåsen style furniture as well as hotelrooms. 

Leif Wikner lathing wood
Leif Wikner teaching kids about lathing. Photo: Mårten Wikner

Day Two: Mountain farms and the taste of Sapmi

Summer farms turned into private homes

Continue towards Fäbodvägen (The Summer Farm Road), with over 40 different shielings (summer farms) between the cosy settlements around lake Storsjön and the Oviksfjällen fjells. Today these shielings are turned into private summer homes.

Arådalen nature reserve

Take the turn towards Arådalen nature reserve, see the shieling up front and make a short hike in the Oviksfjällen fjells, or enjoy an internationally-acclaimed meal in the Sami-themed Hävvi i Glen restaurant. Stay the night at Arådalen STF Hostel or by the Häävi i Glen restaurant.

Ren på Flatruetvägen, Ljungdalsfjällen | Foto: Britt Ellénius
Reindeer encounter in Ljungdalsfjällen. Photo: Britt Ellenius

Day three and four: Glacier Hike

Continue towards the mountain village Ljungdalen and go for shorter hikes to nearby waterfalls, visit the handicraft shop and open air museum and stay the night in Ljungdalen. Or go to stretch your legs on a two day hike to Helags Mountain some 12 km single route. On the top of Mount Helags there is a glacier, Sweden´s southernmost, 1796 metres above sea level. By the Helags mountain you will find Helags STF Mountain Station with restaurant and a bed for the night. Make sure to book in advance, since this hike is popular. 

Fjällvandring Helags
Helags is Sweden´s southernmost glacier and one of the highest mountains. Photo: Joachim Lagercrantz

Day five: Rock paintings from the stone age

Art from the stone age

Turn south from Ljungdalen towards the Flatruetvägen road, 975 metres above sea level. It is the highest road in Sweden and traverses across the open mountain terrain towards the sami village Mittådalen. Pay to drive the private road to Ruvallen and hike the 9 km route to Ruändan to see the Stone Age rock paintings of bear, moose and humans.

A cultural stop in Funäsdalen

Head onwards to the Mountain village Funäsdalen with shops, restaurants, cafes and hotels. Make sure you visit the culturally-rich Fjällmuseet museum to see the hardships and joys for sami, worksers and mountain farmers. You can take the gondola up the summit to Lopme Laante Sami museum and the Funäsdalsberget mountain top with its magnificent panoramic views.

Njarka Sami Camp | Photo: Sandra Lee Pettersson & Tina Stafrén
Reindeer. Photo: Sandra Lee Pettersson

Day six: Bikes & Bears

Downhill biking and bear encounters

Take a drive out towards Tännäs and visit the prehistoric muskox in the Myskoxcenter. Join a guided tour to hear more about these fantastic creatures. Journey on to to Lofsdalen, for a chance to let your pent-up inhibition free in the Lofsdalen Bike Park with easy runs as well as harder ones. Book a night bear-spotting in Lofsdalen’s Bear´s Den and try to get some rest in between the sights of wild animals.

Bear´s Den in Lofsdalen Photo: Martin Olson
Watch for brown bears from the hideout, Lofsdalen Bear´s Den. Photo: Martin Olson

Day seven: Sonfjället National Park

Hike and enjoy a fine meal

Continue on to Linsell and veer towards Hede on road 84. An absolute must is the Sonfjället National Park and a tour around the Nyvallens shieling. Carry on the drive and turn off towards Vemdalen Mountain Village, where chasing waterfalls is the name of the game. Rejuvenate the soul at the spa in Storhogna before exploring Sweden’s most beautiful village, Klövsjö, stopping for baked goods at the Klövsjö Stenugnsbageri.

The Gold Village

From Klövsjö, continue and once you reach Åsarna, turn north on the Inlandsvägen, which is the E45, back towards Östersund. Feel free to stop at Åsarna Skicenter and discover why this is called the gold village when talking about XC skiing.

The views are spectacular when hiking in the Sonfjället National Park. Photo: Lena Hedman
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