Cycling in Funäsfjällen – childishly fun

Double or quadruple the fun on a bike; the bike allows you to explore so many more fells per day. The sensation is almost addictive; if you want to avoid becoming hooked on this – don’t try it!

Mountain bike or fells bike, spot on in the case of Funäsfjällen; we have 423 km of biking trails in varying terrain and gradient. Setting off on a bike in the fells means to me the future equivalent of hiking, you have the time for three or four times as much to explore. And when you are not enchanted by the views you may have to concentrate on the ground and the technical parts, or wet runs that require power and strength. The greatness with biking is the way things happen all the time.

This is also an activity for all the family members. Start on a green or blue run and let the children adjust before stepping up. After a few times it is usually the kids who take over and want to venture out on trickier paths to face greater challenges while the adults want to set the limits.

A clear example of this happened last summer. A family we have come to know phoned us up. They were heading north from Stockholm and asked whether my son, at the time aged eight years would like to come along and go biking from Ljungdalen to Mt Helags. My mind went berserk, Messner to go biking to Helags? I had never even thought about it. It is quite a tricky trip, even for an experienced rider. It will be far too tough.

– Is Felix coming, I ask his dad, Martin.
– Yes, he replies, of course.

My mind starts to analyse; my son is a little older than their youngest and besides, he has taken part in a few MTB training sessions and has done well … hmm.

– Is it okay if he comes along, I ask, almost hoping for a ‘no’.
– No problem, says Martin and it is all set. Kläppen to Helags tomorrow on mountain bikes. Staying overnight in the lodge and return the day after, according to the plan. When they arrive back overjoyed the day after it becomes obvious that the limits are set by parents. Not only had they gone on bikes to Helags, they also went on to climb the local giant – Mount Helags at 1 797 metres above sea level – before pedalling back. Kids can cope with more than one imagines. And I wasn’t even worried, or?

Finding the right trail

At funasfjallen.se all the MTB and biking trails are described and graded. Based on your experience you can have your pick among them and find the degree of trickiness you can master or think you can master. If you are uncertain of your level you can consult the local bike renters or guides. You can also hire a guide to find the best runs. It is imperative to find the right level of difficulty, it’s okay to get off the bike from time to time but if you pick a too difficult trail and have to walk most of the run no one will like it; least yourself, your mates or children. However, as I usually say to my guests – sometimes you should leave your comfort zone. It helps in your development and your self-confidence benefits –especially if you can handle a crash now and then.

As we all know, there are two kinds of bicyclists: those who have taken a fall, and those who have it coming.

We recommend that you pick a trail with some kind of challenge; hereby promoting the attention and the sensation. It is hard to describe the feeling of biking across a section that you thought impossible. It may be difficult to find the gems and the right level so we suggest you call the local bike renters or guides. Or opt for the easiest way – book a guide who takes you to the best runs thereby avoiding getting lost, losing your tempers and falling out!

Bring your bike on buses, trains and planes to Jämtland Härjedalen

If you want to go to Jämtland Härjedalen by public transport and bring your own bike; in addition to cycling all the way to the destination, you can also go by train, plane or bus.

Via train, it is possible to bring a bicycle on the Inlandsbanan, Norrtåg and Snälltåget, but if you travel with SJ, the bicycle must be packed in a bag. Via bus, it is possible to bring a bicycle on Länstrafiken’s buses, but space is limited. If you fly, the bike must also be packed in a bag.

Bring your bike on Swedish trains – a helping hand from the Swedish Bicycle Association Cykelfrämjandet.

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