Cycling and mountains: an unbeatable combo

Summer and mountain biking are just the perfect combination for guests visiting the mountains of Funäsfjällen, in the western part of Härjedalen, Sweden. The trails are many, well-marked and amble their way over undulating peaks as far as the eye can see. Regardless of experience level, there are trails to match any occasion and cyclist. Top the day with a waffle in one of the cosy waffle cabins and the experience becomes even more memorable. Cycle hard, reap rewards, repeat…

Biking in Funäsfjällen | Photo: Anette Andersson
Biking in Funäsfjällen | Photo: Anette Andersson

Funäsfjällens magnificent bike trails

”This is too good to be true” runs through my head time and time again and I peddle my way along one of the many trails in Funäsfjällen. I can’t believe that I haven’t been here more often as I cut my way along a trail called “3 Djupdalsvallen-Sätervägen”. The trail starts in Bruksvallarna and is nearly perfect as it winds its way through a wrangled mountain birch forest mottled in its autumn splendour. The lakes are perfectly still, like only a autumn day can deliver and reflects the warm sunshine off the low-lying autumn sun. The peak of characteristic Skarsfjället shapes the otherwise undulating horizon, which coincidently matches my pulse as I cycle, peaking on the ups and dropping with the downhills.

Biking in Funäsfjällen | Photo: Anette Andersson
Magnificent Mittåkläppen.

Waffle-ing about

I’ve heard that a waffle cabin is a quintessential requirement in Funäsfjällen and I spot Djupdalsvallen waffle cabin peeking through the trees ahead of me. The cabin also has a road leading to it so there are a few other cars parked with patrons tucking into waffles ahead of me. With weather like this I can’t blame them and take my place in the que. The menu is really quite simple; Crispy, warm waffles served with cream and cloudberry jam, served with hot coffee, served on a deck looking out over the mountains. But it’s the simplicity that makes the experience absolutely perfect. I make sure to eat two waffles, one for each leg. I convince myself that one can never be too cautious with energy intake in the mountains.

After the break, I mount up again and continue onwards through a magical landscape with names such as Hågnvallen, Viteggen and Mittåkläppen. In typical mountainous terrain, whatever goes up must come down and each time I reach a peak, I stop, not only to catch my breath but also to whip out my phone to snap a few pics and preserve the memories. The peak of Mittåkläppen signals the start of the 6.5km return, thankfully mostly downhill, back to Bruksvallarna where I started the day’s adventure.

Biking in Funäsfjällen | Photo: Anette Andersson
In Funäsfjällen there is more than twenty well marked trails for biking.

Examples of well marked trails of Funäsfjällen. Perfect for finding a trail to match your level of two wheel experience.

  1. Mikaela Sundbaum, a local XC cyclist and experienced rider, recommends the "14 Funäsdalsberget-Kåvan-Bruksgården". This trail starts from the top of Funäsdalsberget and is suited for those looking for a thrill and challenging cycling with dips, tight curves and mud.
  2. The "38 Mittådalen-Kappruet-Anådalen" is a medium to difficult trail that combines Sami culture and breath-taking panoramas. The start is at Mittådalen and begins on asphalt, which soon becomes a gravel road. The Anådalen Sami village makes a suitable rest stop along the route.
  3. A family friendly trail is the shorter "3 Djupdalsvallen-Sätervägen". The trail totals 5 kilometres of easy to cycle dirt paths and leads up into the mountains.
Biking in Funäsfjällen | Photo: Anette Andersson
Some trails are shared with hikers, runners and wild animals - be kind.

Advice for Cycling in the Swedish Mountains

  1. Always use a helmet.
  2. Keep to the recommended trails for biking, not to damage the vegetation, for respect of landowners and fellow outdoor lovers.
  3. Respect hikers and other users of the trail.
  4. Bring clothing for quick changes in the mountain weather.
  5. Bring a pump and extra bicycle hose, in case something happens.
  6. Also bring something to eat in case the tour gets extended along the way.
  7. Always adjust the tour according to the weather report and current weather situation.
  8. Tell a friend or relative where you are going and your outlined route.
  9. Keep a distance if you encounter reindeer. Make a halt, wait til they move out of your route and move slowly away from them not to disturb.

More about Being a Guest in the Realm of the Reindeer.



XC-Cycling / MTB


Spring, Summer, Autumn


Trails are marked according to level of difficulty, ranging from child friendly, very easy, easy, medium, hard.


Distances vary from 5km to 55km. Vary according to your preference.


Trails start at different points in Funäsfjällen. Check out the descriptions for start and end points.


Varied trails, mountain roads, pathways and marshes.


Z57 Funäsdalen Ramundberget. Trails are marked on funasfjallen.se with the aid of simple maps, descriptions and altitudes.  


Water and energy as per requirement. First Aid kit, wind proof jacket and puncture repair kit.


Topsport in Funäsdalen


Hotels, apartments, cabins and camping available in Funäsfjällen.


Härjedalens Fjällmuseum, which provides insight into farmers, Sami and workers from times gone by. The open air museum has houses dating back to the 1500’s and is interactive for both adults and children.


XC cycling is an entertaining pastime but the territory is shared between hikers, runner and wild animals. Show consideration to fellow trail users, particularly on downhills or higher speeds. Keep a distance when encountering reindeers and do not scare them. Keep to the marked paths and leave nothing other than your tracks behind you.


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