365 Everyday Adventures

The project ‘365 Everyday Adventures’ is Louise Östberg´s attempt at exploring whether the sum of many small adventures can match one great adventure.

Louise Östberg is the mother of three from Stockholm who loves adventures, mountains, snow and winter. In order to add more adventures to her life she has created one adventure every day during a year – 365 everyday adventures.

– To qualify it should feel like an adventure for me or for someone who comes along. The core of an adventure lies in it being new, a bit exciting and including something of a risk or a challenge to my courage. An adventure does not necessarily include high mountains, extreme distances or physical exhaustion, but should instead be possible to take on in your daily life puzzle.

Klättra med barn
An everyday adventure can be easy climbing with your kids at a local site. Photo: Emil Sergel

Cease the day

The adventures have taken place in the nature setting available at each time, on that day and have varied from a quiet paddle, trail running in the fells, exploring on MTB, an early hike to the summit before the family wakes up in the cabin, with the children in a bicycle wagon, on horseback or with a headlamp and touring skates one late evening in the moonshine. She has also found the time to build and sleep in an igloo, drive a scooter with sled dog, ice-fishing, and swimming in Hyde Park in central London and much, much more.

Biking in the forest nearby Funäsfjällen. Photo: Emil Sergel

Family adventures

One of the family’s most precious memories from the summer was when they hiked to Helags Fjällstation with the children, at the time aged 4, 8 and 10 years. The children had little experience of mountain hiking and it was not without awe the family undertook the 12 km ascent from the parking in Kläppen to the destination, Helags Fjällstation. There was however no need for worry, the older children walked on without any complaints, greatly fascinated by the magic fells and the youngest girl only stayed in the child carrier for a few kilometres. Once they arrived at the lodge the children only rested for half an hour or so before running the last kilometres up to the glacier snow. A snowball fight in the summer – what a paradise!

The family stayed at Helags Fjällstation for two nights and also had the time to ascend the summit of Sweden’s highest massif south of the Arctic Circle. – The kids were so proud at having walked up to the summit of Mount Helags and back down again, by themselves.

Fjällvandring Helags
Helags is Sweden´s southernmost glacier and one of the highest mountains. Photo: Joachim Lagercrantz

Moving closer to the adventures

Louise and the family have returned to Funäsfjällen many times and during the adventure year their love for the area had grown so strong that last winter the family bought a house in Funäsdalen, packed their belongings and moved here. The children have started school and nursery school and the adventures have become a part of everyday life. The dream of a more adventurous life has now come true.

Klättring med barn
Morning fog in the forest when climbing with the kids in Funäsfjällen. Photo: Emil Sergel
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