The Provincial Anthem of Jämtland

When Östersund’s Football Club (ÖFK) met Galatasaray in the Europe League 2017 the beloved provincial anthem of Jämtland was performed. Just like always when Östersund Football Club plays a match. Local supporter Elisabeth Rolandsson, who works as a guard during the matches, felt it was a shame that large parts of the audience did not understand the meaning of the beautiful song, since it is all in Swedish, and she decided it was time to make a change. It was time to translate this Swedish anthem into english.

This is the story:

Inspired by the win (2-0) I sat down with the swedish version of the song and made a translation of the lyrics.

Elisabeth then met with her friends Annika Cawthorn and Pär Lundhag to add music and produce the English version of the anthem for Jämtland. In the beginning she was met with skepticism since the Jämtland song is seen as sacred by many in the province. But now the new version is accepted with open arms.

We wanted both the song and film to mediate a feeling of the province. The grand, the delightful and beautiful in combination with the cold, cool and rocky.

The rocky part with the guitar solo is signed by Janne Berglund. The recordings were made by Johan Arveli and the film was produced by Andreas Englund.

It is an overwhelming feeling having a Jämtland song which can be spread and understood by so many more. It is totally in the line with the openness and the welcoming attitude which is our trademark.

Big thanks to Elisabeth & Co – we are proud to present the Jämtland song in English!

The provincial anthem of Jämtland with beautiful views from Jämtland Härjedalen, Sweden.

The origins of the Jämtland song

The Jämtland song is a celebration of, and a tribute to nature and the cultural heritage of the province. It is a sign of the fighting spirit deeply rooted in the inhabitants of the region.
Directly translated the original name of the song Jämtländsk brudvals is The Bride´s Waltz of Jämtland. The song is frequently used around festive occasions like weddings and graduations.

The text was originally written by the composer Wilhelm Peterson Berger in 1931 with the inspiration from an old bridal march dating from the late 1700s. In 1983 the song was translated into local dialect, “jämtska”, by PG Norman and Bo Oscarsson and since then it is an non-negotiable annual event at the city festival Storsjöyran in the province capital Östersund. The impact is immense when some 20 000 people form a choir after the local president´s speech around midnight. The song is the culmination of the festival and it is crowned by fireworks.

Storsjöyran, Sweden´s oldest city music festival. Photo: Göran Strand
Storsjöyran, Sweden´s oldest city music festival. Photo: Göran Strand

Lyrics in Swedish for the Jämtland song

Så tåga vi tillsamman bort
mellan Jämtlands gröna ängar
bort mellan nyland som prunka
fulla av bröllopsblomsters prakt.
Så skåda vi med gamman hän
över berg i blåa fjärran
hän över sjöar, strömmar, skogar
jämt kring bygder på vakt.

Fagert är landet som blev vår lott och arvedel
så firom dess fägring nu
med sång och stråkars spel.
Tändom ånyo det hopp som våra fäder närt!
För slit och mödor av fröjd och sol
ett mått oss beskärt.

Lyrics in Local Dialect "Jämtska" (Jamtlandic) for the Jämtland song

Mæ går på stigom
å leit oss opp öve bakkan,
bort milla åkrom, opp hitat vållom,
der bjällan pingel skvällht
i jænsmässti.

Mæ sir frå höjdom
bort mot åsom,
der kjörsan står milla gålom
bort ditat fjällom vår
der Skuta står
så gnistrenes vit.

Fejen så sjong mæ att‚
i tusen år ha mæ hadd’e,
håll’e därför hårt.
Ler ta den friheit
som fedran ein gång at oss ga!
Hen ske mæ læva å minnes allht,
som fedran oss sa!

Lyrics in english for the Jämtland song

Side by side unite as one, through woods and fields in midnight-sun. On hills where flowers show their grace in perfect place.

We see the work of mothers hand, through tears and joy create this land.
With northern lights on mountains high where church’s shining bright.

I raise up my voice and proclaim, Jamtland’s in my heart.
For thousands years in possession, each day a greatfull start.
We celebrate our freedom
with pride, as fathers cried out loud.
For wear and tear and the love we share, the greatness we care.

I raise up my voice – Jamtland’s in my heart

Östersund Football Club

The ÖFK destination is Östersund

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