Top 10 Hiking Routes in Jämtland Härjedalen

There are hiking routes all over Jämtland Härjedalen and many alternatives for those who wish to explore the fells and forests on foot. Find the places where the orchids are the most abundant, the waterfalls flow the most and the views are simply stunning. Hike along bogs covered in flowers or up on peaks with the bare alpine environment where the snow hardly melts despite the arrival of summer. Take a walk along the rivers and lakes or just spend some time quiet in a serene valley.

The management for the hiking trails on this page work towards Nationella Ramverket (the National guidelines for hiking trails). Ramverket is support for development towards a sustainable, quality-assured and attractive hiking trail.

Vandring Vålådalens naturreservat Ulrika Larsson
Hiking towards Lunndörren. Photo: Ulrika Larsson

The Best Hiking Routes in Jämtland Härjedalen

Adventure Sweden guides you to ten of the best hiking routes in Jämtland Härjedalen – pack your rucksack, tighten your laces and head out in the nature!

S:t Olavsleden – To Contemplate and Become Your Better Self

Be a modern pilgrim and hike parts of the pilgrim path whenever you have the time. Or go all the way at once, spending about a month walking all the way between Sundsvall on the Swedish east coast to the western coastline at Trondheim, Norway (564 km) in one go. We promise you there will be plenty of time to contemplate!

Start in Sundsvall (3,5 hours by train north of Stockholm) and follow the trail to Bräcke – Östersund – Krokom – Åre and end up in Trondheim, Norway. Everything you need to know is found here stolavsleden.com 

Mittåkläppen – For the View

The road leading to the hike is an adventure in itself, but do continue up to the shieling/summer pasture, Djupdalsvallen (private road from Bruksvallarna where you pay a road fee). Choose between the easy or the steeper hike up to the top 1212 m. a. s. l of the iconic mountain Mittåkläppen. This is also called “Guldtur 7b” and it is one of the Golden hikes of Destination Funäsfjällen, in the south west of Jämtland Härjedalen, Adventure Sweden. Funäsfjällen is about 7 hours by car north of Stockholm and 3 hours south of Östersund.

Fettjeåfallet – One of Sweden´s Highest Waterfalls

Glittering and alluring, a 60 meter high waterfall 2 km from the parking lot not far from Klövsjö Ski Area. The waterfall is perfect for a refreshing hike on a hot summer day as the trail leads into the forest and up the stone stairs (made by Sherpas from Nepal!) up to the alluring waterfall. There are four more waterfalls around Destination Vemdalen about 1,5 hours by car from Östersund.

Åreskutan – Accessible High Fell Terrain

Take the cable car up on mount Åreskutan and walk the last 800 meters up to Sweden´s highest situated café 1.420 m. a. s. l. One of the walkways from the top is made accessible to enable good views for more people. There are more hiking routes all around the Mountain Resort Åre, 7 hours by train from Stockholm (night train available).

Jämtland Triangle – The Beginners Fell Hike

Walk with a light pack along the classic hiking route between the mountain stations of Storulvån, Blåhammaren and Sylarna (managed by Svenska Turistföreningen / the Swedish Tourist Association). The hike takes three days and you do not need to bring food or sleeping bag if you don´t want to. There is even the possibility to sit by a set table at these three mountain stations with culinary highlights from the region. The Jämtland Triangle is a popular route so you need to book your stay well in advance. The starting point, Storulvån mountain station is 8,5 hours by train to Enafors railway station and an additional transfer with bus of about 20 min from the railway station to the mountain station. Read our adventure on the Jämtland Triangle »

Rogen – A Completely Different World

The Rogen morane with long winding ridges and long lakes is a fascinating landscape for hiking and paddling. Svenska Turistföreningen (the Swedish Tourist Association) keep overnight cabins in the area for your comfort. You can walk a roundtrip for three days or walk straight to the lake Rogen and stay there for day hikes. Start at Käringsjön, Tännäs, in Destination Funäsfjällen, 7,5 hours by car north of Stockholm. Read our adventure on Rogen »

Frostviksfjällen – When you Want to be Alone

There are few marked trails in the Frostviksfjällen mountains. Go where your heart desires from the Wilderness road (Vildmarksvägen) over the plateau Stekenjokk or start by the sami church village in Ankarede and follow the marked trail towards the waterfall Lejarfallet. Start your journey along the Wilderness road in Strömsund, some 1,5 hours by car from Östersund.

Andersön – An Exotic Island Full of Stories

Not far from the city of Östersund and yet exotic with its trees shaped by hard winds sweeping in from lake Storsjön. You can find lots of traces from settlements dating back to the stone age if you look closely. There once where efforts to build a fortress to protect the region from invading Norwegians on this island, prehistoric graves and there are stories of violent battles fought on the ice just outside the island. There are marked trails all over this nature reserve and there are set places for you to have a bbq with friends along the shores. Make sure you leave nothing but foot prints! More about Andersön »

Helags – Sweden´s Southernmost Glacier

National Geographic recommends this hike too. The hike 12 km up to the cosy mountain station (managed by Svenska Turistföreningen / the Swedish Tourist Association) is easy. Relax by the fire and enjoy a hearty meal to prepare for the 2 km climb up to the summit 1.796 m. a. s. l. the next day. Or do a day long roundtrip along the summit edge of the mountain looking down on the southern most glacier of Sweden. From Helags you can hike further into the fells of Jämtland Härjedalen or return back to Ljungdalen, 2,5 hours by car south west of Östersund. Read our adventure on Helags »

Vandringsleder Jämtland Härjedalsfjällen
The trail system between the cabins and mountain stations in the Swedish mountains of Jämtland Härjedalen. Distances in kilometers. Please observe that Gåsen is closed from 2024.

More Hiking trails in JÄMTLAND HÄRJEDALEN – Adventure Sweden


The trail is a mere 30 minutes by car north of Östersund and not far from the Inland Road, E45. It is well worth a stop if you are travelling northbound and need a good stretch of legs. The path is a total of 8 km and leads along the river Hårkan with some steep parts. For the way back you can choose the more straight forest road or ask someone to pick you up at the northern end of the trail.


The area has about ten easily accessible paths with the absolute pearl in the collection, Djuptjärnsstigen, which leads through a hall formed by pines and long stretches upon bank of sand. Backe is about 40 minutes by car east of Strömsund.

DÖDA FALLET – The dead falls

The man nicknamed Vildhussen (The wild one) emptied a complete lake in the end of the 18th century and left a waterfall completely empty.  A wooden deck stretches for a kilometer along the bottom for you to explore the marks made by the former water masses like giant pots and chiseled soft forms in the rock. Döda fallet is right by the road between Hammarstrand and Bispgården, about 1,5 hours by car east of Östersund.

DROMSKÅRAN – Shaped by the ice age

The mighty crevice between the mountain tops Drommen and Falkfångarfjället in Bydalsfjällen was shaped when the kilometer thick ice was melting at the end of the ice age. The crevice is 70 meters deep, 150 meters wide and almost a kilometer long. The hike up to the crevice is steep and about 5 kilometers going up and down again from Höglekardalen in Bydalsfjällen, about 1,5 hours by car from Östersund if you choose to go by the ferries (Trafikverkets färjor; Isöleden och Håkanstaleden).


Sonfjället is the one and only National park of the region with a characteristic silhouette.  The area is one of the most bear-dense in Sweden. Follow trails around the mountain towards Sododalen valley in the middle of the mountain massif. Start at the Visitor Center in Hede to learn more about the area, just half an hour south of the mountain resort Vemdalen.

Hiking trails in RAGUNDA

The trails in Ragunda were set up after growing need for trails both for tourists and locals wanting to get out in nature. The trails will ensure increased health among the hikers at the same time as contributing to an increased protection for the surrounding forest channeling visits to the designated trails. One of the hikes leads to the Hollywood sign of Hammarstrand and one leading to the fascinating cave Getgrottan (the goat cave).

Hiking trails in Bräcke

The best trails of Bräcke are Forsaleden with natural streams and waterfalls, Kullaleden, hiking up to the top of Klevens topp, Kroktjärnsleden, S:t Olavsleden – the pilgrim trail, Kamrisdalen and hiking in the nature reserve Helvetesbrännan.

Dead falls in Ragunda | Photo: Niclas Blom
Hiking by Döda Fallet in Ragunda. Photo: Nicklas Blom
Vandring Rogen Lena Hedman
Hike in Rogen, Sweden. Photo: Lena Hedman
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