Trekking Sweden – Through Picturesque Mountain Villages

Barely ten kilometres from Åre in Sweden is the gateway to Södra Årefjällen, the Southern Åre mountain range, with miles upon miles of trails and paths for trekking in Sweden’s easy-to-access countryside, through picturesque mountain villages and non-stop captivating views.

Trekking Sweden & Södra Årefjällen

There are four predominant trekking areas in the area of Södra Årefjällen in Sweden, starting with the surrounds of the villages Edsåsdalen, Trillevallen, Ottsjö and Vålådalen. The trekking paths start and finish at a trail centre, have built platforms where necessary, are well marked and described in a free booklet (possible to download below). All the trekking paths are graded and marked with estimated duration, distances and elevation, to help you select suitable trails. Most of the paths for trekking are also ideal for trail running. Along some of the paths are information boards describing the flora in the mountains, and further details about the local culture. There are numerous picnic spots along the trekking paths, from scenically situated shelters to restaurants and cafés.

The facilities in the surrounding villages range from classic hotels/mountain lodges to cosy cabins and campgrounds – pick whatever accommodation that suites your trekking holiday in Sweden best. And don’t pass up on the local cuisine and specialties, such as reindeer and arctic char.

Other Adventures in Södra Årefjällen

Throughout the year there are various activities on offer including bicycling, paddling, and fishing during summer. In August, there are no less than six trail running events in one week under the umbrella of a grand Mountain Marathon. The winter is equally as rich in its offering of fun and scenic experiences with plenty of trails for cross country and nordic skiing as well as a decent variety of slopes for alpine skiing.

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