Sliced Reindeer Meat with Sour Lingonberries

Something of the easiest to cook, yet among the most tasty meals is sliced reindeer meat with sour lingonberries. A Swedish Trangia stove or a pan over the open fire, sliced reindeer meat, sour lingonberries, cream, butter, chantarelles and spices are all you need to cook a delicious outdoor meal. Enjoy this lovely recipe!

Sliced Reindeer Meat with Sour Lingonberries

A tasty recipe for sliced reindeer meat does not have to be complicated or even hard to succeed with – this is how simple it can be!


300 gram of sliced reindeer meat
1 handful of dried chantarelles, put them in water for 5-10 minutes before
2 dl of cream
2 tablespoons of butter
Salt and black peppers

Use either a classic Swedish Trangia stove or a pan over the open fire and sizzle the reindeer meat and the chantarelles in butter. Spice it up with salt and black peppers, add the cream and let it cook. No need for plates and cutlery – this meal tastes absolutely best straight from the pan with some sour lingonberries added.

Sour Lingonberries

Sour lingonberries is an old way of preserving fresh berries as sugar was expensive and not something everyone could afford. Preserving the lingonberries in water became a poor man’s way of keeping the autumn harvests. Still works perfectly!

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