Swedish waffles

Waffles (våfflor) are very popular in Sweden. Originally Swedish waffles were square, but now they are usually made into heart shapes and served with jam and whipped cream. Have a break during your hike or while skiing and enjoy heavenly waffles by the fireplace.

Swedish waffles by the fireplace | Adventure Sweden
Waffles (våfflor) are very popular in Sweden. Have a break during your hike or while skiing and enjoy som heavenly waffles by the fireplace.

It is a bit slippery though we are making herringbone patterns with our skis as we move slowly uphill. The spring sun has made the snow Teflon like which on the one side is great downhill and not so great moving uphill. We struggle cause we know we are getting closer and closer to waffle heaven. The small cottage appears like a mirage in the far west. Our strength is suddenly renewed and we move fast over the plateau.

We stick our skis into the snow by the door and walk through the door getting hit by the massive smell of waffles cooking. We stop to admire the fireplace as our eyes slowly get used to the dim light compared to the bright sunlight outside. We order coffee boiled on the wood stove and waffles with whipped cream and cloudberry jam. While we wait we study the old maps on the walls and fantasize about multi day tours on the skis in the fells of Jämtland Härjedalen.
The waffle disappears in just a few minutes and after another cup of coffee we are ready to go out into the spring sun again to master a few more hills before we turn back to our cosy cottage in the valley.

Recipe for Swedish Waffles

4 tbsp. of butter
4 dl hard whipped cream
4 dl flour
1 egg
1 tbsp. Vanilla sugar
1 tbsp. Baking soda
2 dl ice cold water (or mineral water)

Melt the butter. Hard whip the cream. Stir together flour, egg, vanilla sugar and baking soda. Pour the melted butter into the flour mix together with the water and lastly turn the whipped cream carefully into the mix.

Heat your waffle iron thoroughly, grease the surface with butter before you put the mix in. Put the ready made waffles on a grid so as to keep the crispness of the waffle till serving. Enjoy!

Waffel hut | Photo: Anette Andersson

Here are some of all the heavenly places to get a waffle in Jämtland Härjedalen:


  • Åtgårdens Café – In the middle of Vemdalen village.
  • Vålkojan – Perfect when ski touring or hiking in summer from Björnrike.
  • Jaktstugan – Perfect when ski touring from Vemdalsskalet.
  • Samevistet – Perfect when ski touring from Storhogna in winter.
  • Torrvallens fäbod – Perfect for a bike stop between Storhogna and Klövsjö in summer.


  • Lillåstugan – Perfect when ski touring from Ullådalen. You can also get here from the slopes of Tegefjäll and the ski back to the ski lifts.
  • Bergstugan – Perfect when ski touring from Björnen.
  • Ytterstvallen – Perfect when ski touring from Trillevallen in the Southern Åre fells.
  • Vita Renen – Perfect when ski touring from Edsåsdalen. Or take the snowcat.


  • Ösjöstugan – Perfect when ski touring from Ramundberget.
  • Bruksvallarnas toppstuga ”Knallen” – Perfect when ski touring from Bruksvallarna.
  • Andersborgs våffelstuga – Perfect when ski touring from Tänndalen.
  • Falkboet – Perfect when ski touring from Tännäs. Or take the snowcat.
  • Djupdalsvallen – Perfect when ski touring from Bruksvallarna to the shieling at the mountain Mittåkläppen.


  • Våffelstugan in Lofsdalen at the top of mount Mossaruten – Perfect when ski touring from Lofsdalen or getting there by snowcat.
  • Uppvallens fäbod (shieling) – In the middle of Lofsdalen. Open summer and winter.


  • Kungsgården – Perfect when touring by skates along the track Medvinden from central Östersund city.
  • Frösövallen – Summer waffles and a magical mountain view.
  • Frösö Sockenstuga – After a visit to famous Frösö Church.


  • Höglundarbaren with the Våffelbruk in Åkersjön.
  • Sörbodarnas fäbod (shieling) in Bakvattnet – summer waffles in Molins Kaffestuga (coffee house).
  • Myhrbodarnas fäbod (shieling) in Valsjöbyn.


  • Mus-Olles Museum, Ytterån – Fantastic collections from the turn of the century and home made pastries.
  • Ovikens hembygdsgård – Perfect when taking the bike around lake Storsjön!
  • Café Himmelriket at Hackås kyrka (church) – Do a pilgrimage and work those waffles!
  • Marby Gammelgård (homestead museum) – Waffles in the shadow of the medieval church.


  • Överhogdals forngård – Waffles and stories from the viking tapestries of Överhogdal.
  • Härjeåsjöns värdshus (Inn) – between Sveg and Lillhärdal.


  • Kafé Tomten – At the homestead museum of Strömsund.


  • Krångede kraftverksmuseum (hydro power museum).


  • Revsunds hembygdsgård (homestead museum) – lovely summer waffles.


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