Tour Suggestion: The panoramic route to Trondheim, Norway

This scenic drive (or bike tour) gives you panoramic views of mountains and lakes as well as experiences from the cultural heritage of St Olov. Go from Järpen in the western part of Jämtland to Kall and around lake Kallsjön back again, or into Norway and back again along the mountain road Skalstugevägen towards the waterfall Tännforsen and on to the mountain resort Åre. Or as a third option, go on to Stiklestad in Norway and on to Trondheim before you turn back along Route E14 to Sweden again. The routes take 1-2 days around Kallsjön lake, 2-3 days via Skalstugevägen road and 4 days via Trondheim, Norway by car and a little longer by bike.

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Panoramavägen Järpen-Kallsjön-Stiklestad-Skalstugevägen-Åre-Järpen
Panoramic Route: Järpen-Kallsjön-Stiklestad-Skalstugevägen-Åre-Järpen
Vy över Åreskutan, Fröå Gruva, Åre | Foto: Sandra Lee Pettersson
The Åreskutan Mountain. Photo: Sandra Lee Pettersson

The Mighty Silhouette of Mount Åreskutan

The Panorama Road winds its´ way along lake Kallsjön towards the Norwegian border from the municipality Järpen west of Östersund, towards Kall village and the Norwegian border. The route leads along the picturesque Kall settlements in the foothills of the impressive silhouette of Åreskutan Mountain.

First stop – Climb the Nose of the Giant

Head towards Konäs and park at the Lillvallens shieling for a rewarding 3 Km walk to the peak of mount Suljätten with its expansive views of the surrounds. The mountain top is like a gigantic nose and has a story connected to it being the nose of a giant who fell down here after having being hit by a gigantic rock.

Vandring Suljätten
Hiking up the nose of the giant Suljätten. Photo: Anne Adsten

Kallsedet – what more can you ask for?

Kallsedet Fjällcenter with camping, cabins and hostel is a multi functional stop for lunch, coffee, supplies or something to read from the library. From here there is easy access to hiking, biking, canoeing or fishing by the lakes Kallsjön or Juvuln.

Coffee at Kallsedet. Photo: Maria Wilhelmsson.

The Spirit of Churchill in Kolåsen

None other than Sir Winston Churchill actually left his fishing equipment in Kolåsen as he enjoyed the stay so much and was certain he would return one day. Kolåsen is a perfect place to base oneself for hikes, ski tours and fishing in the untouched wilderness of Skäckerfjällen mountain range. The Kolåsen Mountain Station has an excellent view over the Mountains and a comfy atmosphere. 

Kolåsen Fjällstation Rum Maria Wilhelmsson
One of the rooms at Kolåsen Mountain Station. Photo: Maria Wilhelmsson.

Go around lake Kallsjön or continue to Norway

Choose between a return journey to Järpen via gravel road or through Norway. The gravel road takes you through to the other side of lake Kallsjön closer to Mount Åreskutan. Stop at the Huså Manor.



Drottning Sophia Kallsjön Maria Wilhelmssom
MS Drottning Sophia (Queen Sophia) on lake Kallsjön. Photo: Maria Wilhelmsson.

Historic Mining & Boating on lake Kallsjön

A longer stop in the area allows visitors to hike up Bjelkes Mine and view the remnants of the copper mining that used to take place in the area. The Kallsjön lake provides entertainment from the water itself, on board the M/S Drottning Sophia, serving meals and entertainment on board over summer.

From here you can go to Fröå Copper Mine and Åre or to Järpen and east towards Östersund city.

Hiking at Fröå Gruva, Åre | Photo: Sandra Lee Pettersson
Fröå Gruva provides a glimpse into Swedish heritage – the remains of a quaint, bustling mining village that lies at the foot of the picturesque Åreskutan. Photo: Sandra Lee Petersson.

Via Norway on to the Mountain Road Skalstugevägen

If your choice is to travel on to Norway you will pass Anjan Fjell Station with wall paintings made by a guest who only had his skills to pay for his stay. In Sandvika, Norway you make a turn to the Skalstugevägen road towards Duved and the waterfall Tännforsen. This is the old pilgrimage route of St Olov which was traversed by pilgrims towards Nidaros in Trondheim. The route is characterized by numerous old stone bridges, rest stops and cabins that were used as a means of shelter for weary pilgrims.

Anjan Mountain Station Maria Wilhelmsson
Anjan Mountain Station was built in 1937. Photo: Maria Wilhelmsson.

With inspiration from Canada – Anjan Mountain Station

Another excellent option for hiking in the area is to start from Anjan Mountain station, a house with interesting interior with specially made furniture and murals. The station was built in 1937 and has not been changed much since then. The builder took inspiration from Canada, Norway and Sweden when he built his dream place for guests who want to enjoy the mountains.

Tännforsen Maria Wilhelmsson
With a width of 60 meters across and a height of 38 metres Tännforsen is Sweden’s largest waterfall. Photo: Maria Wilhelmsson.

The Largest Waterfall of Sweden – Tännforsen

Tännforsen, west of Duved is Sweden’s largest waterfall and the constant moisture from the falls has created a unique tropical like biome.

If you are inte waterfalls there is also a majestic one east of Åre called Ristafallet, one west of Åre called Tegeforsen (more modest) and the super long rapids at Handöl with a swaying bridge over the white water part.


Stiklestad kyrka Maria Wilhelmsson
The Stiklestad Church in Norway is said to be built on the spot where King Olav was killed during the Stiklestad battle 1030. Photo: Maria Wilhelmsson.

Travel into Norway and explore the heritage of St Olov

If you choose to head further into Norway from Sandvika instead of going back towards Åre and Duved, continue onwards to Stiklestad, to the place where St Olov took his final breath in a battle in 1030. He later became sanctified and his remains were moved to a secret burial ground. Stiklestad has a cultural center with a museum, outdoor exhibitions, a restaurant and hotel.


Stiklestad Norge Maria Wilhelmsson
Log houses at the open air museum of Stiklestad, Norway. Photo: Maria Wilhelmsson.

Spend a day in Trondheim

It’s well worth spending a day in Trondheim visiting the Nidaros Cathedral, Sverresborg heritage Museum and other sights in the town. Be sure to sample some seafood and enjoy the shopping in the third largest city of Norway.


Cathedral Trondheim Nidaros Dome Håkan Wike
The Cathedral of Trondheim Norway, the Nidaros dome. Photo: Håkan Wike

Supplies and Hikes in Storlien

Return to Sweden via Stjördal and into Storlien, where you can resupply in the well-stocked shopping centre servicing both Norway and Sweden. Take the chance to hike to Brudslöjan waterfall on the border of Norway and Sweden, or wander your way along the 6km long family-friendly floral trail, complete with its rest stops and benches prescribed by Dr Westerlund for his stressed out patients in the 1800’s.


Snasahögarna Storulvån
The Jämtland triangle, Storulvån with the Snasahögarna mountains. Photo: Anne Adsten

The Fate of the Swedish Carolean Soldiers

Continue onwards to Enafors and stop at Hanriis Hus in Handöl for a cultural lesson on the Swedish Carolean Soldiers and their fate here in the snow storm of New Year´s 1718-1719 and marvel at the crafts created in the area from soapstone. Wander through the village towards the kilometre-long rapids Handölforsen, enjoy a spot of bird watching or just take time out to breathe the fresh air.


Handöls kapell Maria Wilhelmsson
The Chapel at Handöl is close to a mass grave from 1719 when the Carolean soldiers came from the snowstorm in the mountains. Photo: Maria Wilhelmsson.

Take a 3-day Hike along the Jämtland Triangle

The physical challenges of the Jämtland Triangle wait in store for active travellers, who can either choose to hike or run the classic trail between the Fjell Stations Storulvån, Blåhammaren and Sylarna.

The journey ends

The journey then finally comes to a close in the communities of Åre and Järpen.  Map of the route and attractions described.


Tour around Kallsjön (Järpen, Kall, Huså, Järpen) 130 km. Tour on to the Norwegian border and back via the Skalstugan route to Duved, Åre and back to Järpen 190 km. Tour from Järpen, Kall, Anjan, Stiklestad, Trondheim and back via route E14 to Åre and Järpen 450 km.

More on the areas around Åre and Trondheim:



Roundtrip by car (or bike)


Summer, autumn, winterspring


Tour around Kallsjön (Järpen, Kall, Huså, Järpen) 130 km.

Tour on to the Norwegian border and back via the Skalstugan route to Duved, Åre and back to Järpen 190 km.

Tour from Järpen, Kall, Anjan, Stiklestad, Trondheim and back via route E14 to Åre and Järpen 450 km.


Suggested starting points are Järpen or Åre.


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The following are situated along the described route in this article:

Hotell Kallgården in Kall

Kallsedet Camping, Stuga´s and Hostel

Kolåsen Mountain Station STF

Anjan Mountain Station

Stiklestad Nasjonale Kulturcenter (Museum, Restaurant & Hotel)


There are grocery stores along the routes in Järpen, Kall, Kallsedet, Verdal, Stjördal, Trondheim, Duved and Åre.


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