Virtual Tour – Funäsfjällen Mountain Resort in Sweden

Enjoy a virtual tour in the Swedish mountain resort Funäsfjällen, in the western part of Härjedalen, Sweden.

Funäsfjällen has majestic mountains with 60 peaks measuring higher than 1,000 metres above sea level, ideal for activities all year-round. Hiking, biking, fishing, musk ox visits, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing as well as cultural attractions and events for families or couples wanting to experience.

Funäsfjällen is just minutes away from the World Heritage City of Røros in Norway, making it really easy to get the best of two worlds in one trip. Fly into Røros and continue by rented car to Funäsfjällen, or travel to Stockholm and further by bus or rented car to Funäsfjällen.

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Welcome to Funäsdalen & Røros!

Eight Seasons in Magnificent Nature – Fjällnäs Resort

In Jämtland Härjedalen tourism and outdoor life is part of our culture. Fjällnäs is Sweden’s oldest mountain lodge (1882) and still running as an an exclusive sanctuary, a place to experience the constant and dramatic shifting of nature up close. During the eight different seasons of the year, guests co-exist with the pristine wilderness right on the doorstep of the hotel. The air is pure and whenever you want, you can quench your thirst with the water from the clear mountain lake by the hotel with spa and chapel. There are 41 rooms available from suites to premium rooms at Fjällnäs in Funäsfjällen, Sweden.

Experience local culture in beautiful exhibitions – Fjällmuseet

At Fjällmuseet the local museum, you’ll meet mountain farmers, Sami and foundrymen hard at work – but also in their endeavours for beauty and festivities. Fjällmuseet museum offers constantly changing programmes and exhibitions, and they love to share the not so obvious stories, the ones that bring a new perspective on mountain life.

Fjällmuseet exhibits the life of the sami, the mountain farmers and workers of the Swedish mountains, Funäsfjällen.

Survivors From the Ice Age – Meet the Musk Ox

A wild flock of Musk oxen live in Härjedalen, the descendants of a group of five animals that left Norway in 1971 and made Sweden their home. By sharing knowledge, creating a peaceful mountain environment and keeping a gene bank alive, the centre has helped the flock gradually grow over the last few years.

A guided tour at the Musk Ox Centre (Myskoxcentrum) is a unique Funäsfjällen experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.


At Myskoxcentrum (Musk Ox Center) you can get up close and learn more of the magnificent creatures.

The Photogenic Shieling – Djupdalsvallen

The area around Djupdalsvallen is mindblowing with the majestic Mittåkläppen peak in the backdrop. It is a summer farmstead originally, a shieling, turned into a picturesque waffle house in the mountains of Funäsfjällen. It is easily accessible, even for those who have difficulties walking thanks to the private road leading up to the site.

Tasty waffles are served at the shieling Djupdalsvallen for hungry hikers.

Inventive & Locally Produced Foods – Skoogs Restaurant

When you step into Skoogs restaurant, you can’t miss the welcoming homely feeling of the place. The food they serve at Skoogs is home-grown on the southern slopes of Funäsdalsberget mountain, and they buy the ingredients for the menu from local producers.

Artisan Foods – Brasserie Kerstin

Brasserie Kerstin in Bruksvallarna use local ingredients as much as possible. On the menu at Brasserie Kerstin you’ll find moose and wood-grouse from the Härjedalen forests, lamb from Långå, meat from local farms, fish from Börtnan’s mountain freshwater fish in Jämtland, and Härjebrygg supplies the beer.

Cosy & Delicious – Fjällkällans kök

Fjällkällan’s very own neighbourhood eatery with a bistro vibe, small and large dishes, well-prepared and delicious. Two chefs and one sommelier run this small local eatery, Fjällkällans kök together.

Adventure 365 & Hearty Kitchen – Fjällbäcken Lodge

Fjällbäcken Lodge is Funäsdalen’s prettiest hideaway. Cosy private accommodation in roadless terrain, where the treeline meets the open mountainside, and the views are spectacular. The host couple Jon and Mia at Fjällbäcken Lodge prepare and serve your food, tell you who hunted the moose, where the cloudberries were picked, or in which waters the Arctic char was caught. They only receive one group at a time, ranging from a minimum of five guests to a maximum of 35.

In addition Jon runs a business addressing the adventurous wanting to hike, bike, paddle, go fishing or climbing with a local.

Hotel for the Active Gourmets Seeking a Cosy Spa – Eriksgårdens fjällhotell

Located in the heart of Funäsdalen, Eriksgårdens Fjällhotell offers views of Funäsdalsberget mountain, Funäsdalssjön lake and the small village of Funäsdalen. The hotel has 40 rooms, including brand new suites that are 50 square metres in size and have balconies. Right outside the door you’ll find skiing and snowmobiling tracks, as well as biking and hiking trails. Treat yourself to exquisitely prepared food made from carefully selected local products. Relax in the Eriksgårdens hotel‘s cosy lobby or enjoy the luxurious spa area.

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