Winter Climbing on Frozen Waterfalls

Needless to say, our beautiful waterfalls freezes over in winter and forms perfect places for winter climbing. Along certain rock faces there will be water freezing forming spontaneous natural artwork. If you are an experienced winter climber you can find plenty of suitable ice climbing opportunities in Sweden and Jämtland Härjedalen. For less experienced climbers we recommend joining an adventure company specializing in winter climbing activities. Companies in Åre, Funäsfjällen and Vemdalen can help you have an extraordinary experience climbing massive ice.

Spots for Winter Climbing

  1. Andersjöåfallet, Tänndalen - Funäsfjällen
  2. Ulvknatten, Tännäs - Funäsfjällen
  3. Funäsdalsberget, Funäsdalen - Funäsfjällen
  4. Kvarnbäcksfallet, Ramundberget - Funäsfjällen
  5. Rise, Offerdal - Krokom
  6. Kläppe, Offerdal - Krokom
  7. Lakavattnet, Hotagen - Krokom
  8. Borgahällan, Borgafjäll - Strömsund
  9. Ristafallet, Undersåker - Åre
  10. Mullfjället, Duved - Åre
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