Explore Jämtland Härjedalen – An adventure for the whole family

Are you longing for magnificent nature with impressive mountain peaks and mythical creatures? A journey to Jämtland Härjedalen offers exciting experiences, cultural walks, local stories, and adventures in forests and mountains for adventurous families.

This travel description starts in Umeå, for example, for those arriving with Wasaline from Vaasa, but you can begin your adventure from wherever you like. The round trip can be completed in its entirety, or it can inspire you to customize your journey according to your needs and interests.

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Kom och besök grannen Jämtland Härjedalen
An adventure in Jämtland Härjedalen, a tour from Umeå via Ragundadalen, Östersund, and onwards to Härjedalen.
Curiosum Umeå
Curiosum in Umeå. Photo: Gabby Bean

Start your tour in Umeå – the City of Birches, for example, if you’re arriving via Wasaline from Finland.

Science and technology in a fun way in Umeå

Explore exciting science and technology with the whole family at Curiosum, Umeå University’s science center. Here, you can experiment, try programming, solve tricky problems, and join film adventures in the dome theater. A bit outside Umeå, you’ll find Energicentrum, a family-friendly destination built around Umeå’s first power plant, constructed between 1898-1899. Here, you’ll find a scenic environment, historical buildings, and activities for the whole family. On the premises, there’s a café serving lunch and snacks, as well as a fantastic adventure playground for children.

Umeå Energicentrum Klabböle
Umeå Energicentrum Klabböle, just outside Umeå.

Large boulders, traces of ice ages, and giant’s cauldrons in Geopark Indalsälven

The mysterious Döda fallet in Ragunda has an exciting history that stretches back a couple of hundred years when a man tried to dig a canal for timber and accidentally emptied a whole lake. Luckily none got hurt, but the lake isn’t there any more and neither the once mighty waterfall. Here, the whole family can walk down into the Döda fallet (the waterfall that no longer has water) on newly built ramps and paths to see giant’s cauldrons and other formations created by the force of water. On the other side of the waterfall’s bottom, there’s a nature trail leading to the current course of the water. You might encounter bats as they inhabit the area around Döda fallet.

Not far from Döda fallet, you’ll find Getgrottan, a powerful place with giant boulders. After the adventure in the forest, it might be nice to visit the Krångede power plant museum, which offers stories, films, and photo exhibitions to understand what it was like when the hydropower exploitation began in the area. Here, you can try an old diving suit and walk in the flume, but also take the opportunity to visit the lumberjack’s cabin by the river where you can sometimes buy “kolbullar” (a traditional Swedish dish). The entire area is part of the National Geopark Indalsälven with many attractions that provide information about why the earth looks the way it does today.

Dead falls in Ragunda | Photo: Niclas Blom
Dead falls in Ragunda. Photo: Niclas Blom

Learn all about military history and follow in the footsteps of saint Olav in Östersund

Between Brunflo and Östersund, you’ll find Teknikland, a museum which offers a retro-technical world of military history, vehicles, and other old technology. There’s something for the whole family here, but there are extra activities for children where they can, for example, build their own construction in LEGO, try things themselves, climb into aircrafts and vehicles. Take the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Saint Olav when you’re in Östersund. Here, children can become pilgrims for a day in a mini format with eight stations where they follow the children Emma and Magnus on a pilgrimage.

The king of the forest up close and coffee breaks in cozy places

At Moose Garden, you’ll have an exciting experience when you visit the moose and feed them together with the guide. After meeting the magnificent animals, it might be good to take a break at the steamboat pier in Hara, where local families run a summer café with coffee and pastries. But if you miss this gem, there’s also Fjällkonditoriet in Myrviken, which offers pastries as well. Who doesn’t love a Swedish fika?

When you’ve replenished your carbohydrates and sugar, head towards Wikners in Persåsen. The character and atmosphere come from the surrounding area, and there’s a great passion for wood and art. In the exhibitions, you’ll find not only wooden objects but also history from the area and temporary art exhibitions. Around the corner, the Fäbodvägen begins, an impressive road lined with many “fäbodar” (traditional Swedish summer farms or shielings as it is sometimes called). After Fäbodvägen, take the road towards Storsjö, beautifully situated with a view of Helagsfjället, Sweden’s southernmost glacier. Take the opportunity to visit Storsjö Fjällturism and Fiskecamp, which offers various activities. For those interested in fishing, there are great opportunities to catch their dream fish.

Glad älg hos Moose Garden. Foto: Sandra Lee Pettersson
Happy moose at Moose Garden. Photo: Sandra Lee Pettersson

Adventure and relaxation at Sweden’s southernmost glacier

In Ljungdalsfjällen, you’ll find both adventure and relaxation. There is a wide variety of bird species, so take the opportunity to visit their birdwatching towers to get the chance to enjoy birds up close. Perhaps you can compete to see who sees the most birds?

For the slightly more adventurous, there are plenty of different hiking trails, and a perfect one for the children is “One trip, two waterfalls.” One of the waterfalls is called Ljungdalsfallet but is commonly known as Hästfallet. This name comes from a story about a horse at Ängesvallen that suddenly one day came running home snorting and neighing to the farm without its foal. The people in the village understood that something was wrong and went up to the waterfall, then caught sight of the foal in the middle of the fall. The rescue went well, and the foal was saved.

When you continue the tour towards Funäsdalen, you’ll drive via Sweden’s highest public road, Flatruet 975 m. a. s. l. A fantastic mountain plateau with a 360-degree view of mountain peaks, and up here, there’s a great chance you’ll see reindeer.

Ren på Flatruetvägen, Ljungdalsfjällen | Foto: Britt Ellénius
Reindeer encounter in Ljungdalsfjällen. Photo: Britt Ellenius

Majestic mountains with 60 peaks and cultural experiences

In Funäsfjällen, there’s a wide range of activities for those who want to experience nature up close. Try the Gondola, which takes you above the tree line for a magical view where you can have a picnic or visit the top cabin that offers coffee and lunch. There are miles of bike trails in Funäsfjällen suitable for both beginners and experienced cyclists. Why not try their bike park and challenge each other on two flow trails containing various tricky turns and ramps? A must-visit is the Fjällmuseet (The Mountain Museum), where children have their own playhouse built as a summer farm, and when they put on clothes available in the cottage, they transform into little farmers. There, they become experts at looking after the cows and goats grazing in the forest. The Museum has collections telling about the good times as well as the hardships from the Sami, the settlers and the miners who settled in this area.

On the way to Lofsdalen, you’ll find a unique experience. At Myskoxcentrum, The Muskox sanctuary, outside Tännäs, you’ll find the mythical muskoxen in their natural habitat. Did you know that the muskox is the last of the large prehistoric animals? There are fossil finds in Scandinavia indicating that the muskox grazed here 30,000 years ago together with mammoths and woolly rhinoceroses. Join the knowledgeable guides who will give you a truly fantastic experience.

Biking in Funäsfjällen | Photo: Anette Andersson
Biking in Funäsfjällen. Photo: Anette Andersson

Loffe who loves blueberries and refreshing baths in Lofsdalen

In Lofsdalen, you’ll find the Panorama Trail, which is a perfect family excursion suitable for both cyclists and hikers of all abilities. Take the opportunity to bring your own snacks as there are two shelters and a barbecue area with a magical view of the mountain world. One who enjoys hiking is Loffe, the mascot of Lofsdalen, and he loves blueberries so much that he turned blue. After many miles of hiking and cycling, we recommend the wonderful Uppvallen Fäbod (summer grazing farm/shieling), which offers a sauna and a refreshing bath in a mountain stream. But remember to book in advance as this is a popular experience in Lofsdalen. For those who can stay awake for a long time, there’s Lofsdalen Bear’s Den, a hideout where you can sit comfortably and spot bears and other wild animals.

Take a detour and visit Sonfjället National Park, one of Europe’s oldest national parks. The name is said to come from the Icelandic word for sun, which is “sunna”. Did you know that Sonfjället has a peak at 1277 meters above sea level and is located in the middle of Härjedalen? And according to those who live there, the sun always shines on top. There used to be a variety of mountain summer grazing farms/shielings here, and there are still some remaining near the park that you can visit, such as Nysätern’s mountain dairy farm. For the children, there are plenty of cute animals to pet.

Bear´s Den in Lofsdalen Photo: Marti Olson
Bear´s Den in Lofsdalen. Photo: Marti Olson

Massive waterfalls, exciting bike tours, and a visit with Plupp

With exciting experiences and adventures, Vemdalen is a perfectly tailored destination for the whole family. Here you’ll find gentle valleys with about ten great cycling routes where you can explore glittering lakes and tarns. When you’re passing by, you must visit Plupp in Storhogna and try the children’s hike with pluppy activities and adventures along the trail. Plupp is a gentle little figure who is a friend with all the animals and through the stories children will get to know both animals and seasons as well as the natural cycle in the mountains. Do you like majestic waterfalls? Then you’ve come to the right place, as a great family experience is Fettjeåfallet, located north of the Klövsjö ski area. Here you’ll hike along Fettjeån and arrive at one of the country’s highest waterfalls with its 60-meter drop. The trail has also been renovated and paved by professional Nepalese Sherpas.

Kille vatten vinterträdgård storhogna
A little guy looking at the fish in the Winter garden of Storhogna Hotel & Spa in Vemdalen, Sweden.

Look out for mysterious creatures in lake Storsjön

When traveling along Lake Storsjön, it’s good to keep an eye out if the water surface moves because there may be something mysterious and exciting beneath, but don’t worry, the creature is usually friendly. If you want to know more about the exciting story of the Great Lake Monster Storsjöodjuret and the little Great Lake Monster Birger, visit Svenstavik’s library, which has opened the Great Lake Monster Room. There’s a cozy dairy farm called Kossan in Berg, where you can buy locally produced products with wonderful flavors, such as heavenly ice cream on a 24-hour basis thanks to self service. After a strengthening ice cream, it’s time to explore Sweden’s largest crevice cave, Hoverbergsgrottan. The cave was discovered over 100 years ago, and according to legend, the giant Hoverbergsgubben lived in the cave when the first Christians came to the Hoverberg area. He moved because he didn’t like the sound of church bells. A little tip is to visit Hoverberg’s observation tower for a fantastic view of the south Storsjön lake area and take the opportunity to look out towards the water to spot the Great Lake Monster.

At Hackås, there’s a cozy summer grazing farm, Östnårbuan, where you can meet animals and old traditions come to life. If the weather allows, it’s a perfect place for children to play on the pasture and greet the animals.

Mount Hoverberg Lake Storsjön
Mount Hoverberg and Lake Storsjön. Photo: Anne Adsten

Swing between tree tops and eat award-winning ice cream in Bräcke

An exciting and action-packed facility is the Adventure Mountain in Gällö, Mid Sweden 365, which offers many different activities. For the fearless, there’s the opportunity to climb in the high-altitude course, a fun and thrilling challenge high up among the trees. Did you know that there’s a ski tunnel in the mountain where it’s four degrees below zero all year round? Next to the trail, there’s a ski rental, and just a door away, there’s a loop inside the mountain that’s 1.4 km long. After a fun day of activities, the whole family deserves something good, so it’s perfect to visit the Ice Cream Bar in Bräcke, which makes its own ice cream. It’s easy to understand why the ice cream makers in Bräcke have won the Ice Cream National Championships.

In Bräcke, you’ll also find one of Jämtland Härjedalen’s largest playgrounds with lots of fun slides and swings.

Adventure trails and relaxation at Himlabadet

The Southern Mountain (Södra berget) in Sundsvall is an outdoor facility with beautiful nature accessible to everyone. There are plenty of adventure trails, and an opportunity to try disc golf, which suits all players regardless of skill level. If you don’t have your own discs, you can borrow them at the rest cabin. An adventure at Himlabadet to cool off is something fun for the whole family. This is a popular adventure pool with a climbing wall, various slides, and warm whirlpools. There’s also a surf stream, which is an artificial water wave where you can try surfing indoors.

Experience-based learning at Technichus and cool cars

At Technichus Science Center in Härnösand, there are exciting and unique activities that make complicated science simple and fun. There are fun theme days focusing on metal, rockets, planting, recycling, and experiments. A tip is to take a photo of yourselves at their green screen to get a cool picture. Do you want to see cars with odd stories along with ordinary cars? Then visit the car museum in Härnösand, which is Sweden’s largest with over 200 cars in various themed halls. Here you’ll experience a mighty journey through time with cars from Rolls Royce to Volkswagen’s Beetle.

Bilmuseum i Härnösand
Many cool cars at the Car Museum in Härnösand.

Striking nature with cool robber stories

Skuleberget in the High Coast is a spectacular area with plenty of activities for the whole family, so take the opportunity to visit FriluftsByn, with staff who can suggest activities in the area. The hike up Skuleberget is a beautiful experience, and at the top, there’s lunch, snacks, ice cream, and crispy waffles in the summit cabin. But keep an eye out, as it’s claimed that Skuleberget has been a hideout for robbers who hid in the so-called King’s Cave. For those who can’t get enough of hiking and forests, we highly recommend Skuleskogen National Park, which takes you through enchanted forests with mighty spruces down in deep valleys as well as secluded beaches.

There’s a four-kilometer-long coastal stretch, Rotsidan, with flat rock slabs smoothed by the sea. Here you can hike or sunbathe on the rocks. There are prepared fireplaces for grilling, and it’s only allowed to grill at these places. Also, take the opportunity to discover animal species typical of the High Coast. When you drive away from Rotsidan, you can visit Mannaminne, a unique place with bustling, colorful, and constantly growing artworks. A living village that offers exciting things to discover and plenty of children’s activities.

Playground, museum, or mountain?

In Örnsköldsvik, you can enjoy exciting activities depending on the weather. If the weather disappoints and there are some restless kids, Adventure House with Baazinga playground, laser tag, escape room, and bowling is available. There’s also a cool museum where children can play and learn lots of interesting things. Here, children can step into a spaceship from the planet Nolavonda, where they encounter environments from the 19th century, a history lesson in a fun way. There’s also the opportunity to borrow clothes from that era to immerse themselves in the period. There’s also the Paradise Lift that takes you up to Mount Varvsberget, where you can see the city from above.

Continuing from Örnsköldsvik, you’ll reach Umeå and you have made a full tour.

Utsikt från Varvsberget i Örnsköldsvik
View from Varvsberget in Örnsköldsvik.
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