Top biking trails in Jämtland Härjedalen

Jämtland Härjedalen in Sweden is very bike-friendly with well-developed cycling trails in several of the destinations. Discover family tours both in the countryside and on mountain trails or try more challenging routes downhill mount Åreskutan, Lofsdalen or the Frösö mountain in Östersund. This guide lets you in on the fast lane to the best biking of Jämtland Härjedalen.

Mountainbike in Funäsfjällen
Downhill i Lofsdalen | Foto: Callum Jelley
Mountainbike i Funäsfjällen | Foto: Anders Robertsson
Downhill, cykling i Åre | Foto: Niclas Vestefjell
Downhill, cykling i Åre | Foto: Niclas Vestefjell

Around Lake Storsjön – Sweden´s Fifth Largest Lake

A rather long day on your bike or four days discovering cultural, historical and natural attractions and astonishing views around the lake. Along the lake are barns and fields together with houses, some dating back to the 18th century. Behind are the mountains forming a backdrop with a few spots of snow even in summer. Do not forget to bring your camera in case you are one of the lucky few to see Storsjöodjuret (the great lake monster).

  • Destinations around the lake: Östersund, Krokom, Bydalsfjällen and Södra Storsjöbygden.

Road cycling around lake Storsjön - 3 tour suggestions

Road cycling

Road-cycling has hit Jämtland Härjedalen in a big way and it is no longer unusual to encounter a peloton of fast riders in tight Lycra suits speeding around Lake Storsjön. MAMILs is the tongue-in- cheek acronym for a growing number of riders: Middle Aged Men in Lycra. Note that cycling around lake Storsjön is made to the larger part on the same roads as general traffic. Separate lanes for cycling is only to be found in the larger communities for commuting to work/school.

The Rödön Tour: 50km

The Tour of Rödön is not too strenuous and characterised with views of the lakes and mountains. Ride past signi!cant parts of the heart of Jämtland via Sommarhagen and Frösö Kyrka where Swedish composer Peter- son Berger’s spirit still lingers. From this viewpoint it is easy to identify the origin of the colours of Jämtland’s $ag: the green forest, the white snow remaining in patches in the Oviks”äl- len massif, the blue sky and water. The tour continues to Rödön, via Ösa and Ås with its agricultural landscape. Enjoy a well-deserved après-bike in one of the many cafés or outdoor restaurants in Östersund or Ås.

Route: Östersund – Frösön – Rödön – Ås

The mountain tour: 140 km

Pedal across to the island Frösön and onwards across Vallsundsbron bridge with the morning sun streaming on your face. Roll on at good speed along the lakeside past Sandviken and Orrviken. At times you can feel drops of water from the waves hitting the rocky shoreline and at others you peak higher up and see the Oviksfjällen massif far to the west. You have completed a bit, but there is still a stretch of great biking left; a true odyssey of Jämtland with close encounters with the mountains, forests and Lake Storsjön. On the return route take advantage of the free ferry between Håkansta and Isön. This tour can easily be altered to a two-day tour, with accommodation options along the route.

Route: Östersund – Myrviken – Bydalen – Norderön

The forest tour: 120 km

Sometimes it is worth your while to go biking in the middle of – nothing – in this case ‘nothing’ being the middle of forests, clear-cut areas, bogs and yet more forests. The tour to the north- east of Östersund starts on road 87 towards Stugun. The best section of this tour is so thrilling that you may want to do it twice, between Stugun and Rissna: the sensation when only the wind and the sound of the tyres on the tarmac is interrupted by gearing up or down and the resistance of the pedals in cadence, $ying past farms, along small still lakes and over $owing streams. In autumn the trees with their sparkling yellow and red foliage is mirrored on the waters. This is a genuinely varied tour: empty roads, waters, forests and small villages.

Route: Östersund – Stugun – Bräcke – Brunflo – Slandrom

The Bike Paths of Village Fugelsta – Built by Enthusiasts

Cycle on forest paths with jumps and curves all built by the village cyclists and their friends. They are continually making more trails for all to enjoy beginners and pro:s, young and old. The Fugelsta trails are not far from the city of Östersund by lake Storsjön.

If you are strong enough to ride up mount Frösöberget on the island Frösön opposite the city center of Östersund there is a choice of downhill trails to discover. The ski lift is open at a few occasions each summer. The tourist information center in Östersund can tell you when is the next opportunity.

Wintercycling fatbikes Lofsdalen, AdventureSweden.
Wintercycling with fatbikes in Lofsdalen, AdventureSweden. Photo: Anette Andersson

Family Friendly Routes for Downhill Biking in Destination Lofsdalen

Lofsdalen has one of the best bike parks for families in Sweden. Riders may opt to glide down the long green Fjälleden, a total of 3 330 metres long. For more speed there is the ’great Happy MTB’, a trail with banked curves and minor hills. You can go faster on this track, but still have a degree of safety and at your own pace. The most daring riders should aim for the trails of Venom and Viper, with steeper curves, narrower tracks and plenty of rocks and drops.

In addition it is possible to do a 40 km long tour on asphalt and gravel for a whole day of bathing, fishing and of course stops to have som “swedish fika” around lake Lofssjön. Get your supplies in Lofsdalen village before you go off on your day of adventure.

In winter you can hire a fatbike and do tours on packed snow trails around Lofsdalen.

Biking in Funäsfjällen | Photo: Anette Andersson
Biking in Destination Funäsfjällen. Photo: Anette Andersson

The Mount Kariknallen Tour in Destination Funäsfjällen – Technical and Physically Demanding

8 km of tough cycling from the mountain village Bruksvallarna with breathtaking views and a potential stop for crispy waffles with whipped cream and cloudberry jam. In addition there are more than 400 km of trails to keep you busy cycling for an extended bike holiday in Destination Funäsfjällen. 

King Karl XI:s road of Destination Vemdalen – Full of Stories and Traditions

King Karl XI had no higher thoughts of these remote parts of his kingdom. In his days there where none around following the clock, no one knew about coffee and furthermore he thought the roads were horrid. After his visit knowledge flourished as he demanded new roads to be built and today the destination Vemdalen is one of the greatest in Jämtland Härjedalen. The entire area is crisscrossed by meandering trails and gravel roads along rivers and brooks, through forests, to glittering lakes and tarns. Bring your fishing gear and keep a low town of voice for the best chance of sneeking up on a beaver near it´s nest. 


Downhill, Åre | Photo: Mattias Fredriksson
Discover challenging routes downhill mount Åreskutan | Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

King Karl Johan´s Road Takes you Cycling Across the Swedish-Norwegian Border – Åre Destination is a Cyclist´s Dream

One of the choices in Åre is to cycle in the border mountains between Sweden and Norway along king Karl XIV Johans road, built for him to travel through his new kingdom in the beginning of the 19th century. In Åre Destination there are multiple choices for cyclists. A pump track in the square for kick bikes, a dirt in the center of the village for tricks, XC-trails for families in the “Björnen” area, downhill in Åre Bike Park and various recommended roads for country road cycling.

Philip Harlaut at Åreguiderna sure knows his way around the mountains by bike.

Bring your bike on trains, buses and planes to Jämtland Härjedalen

If you want to go to Jämtland Härjedalen by public transport and bring your own bike; in addition to cycling all the way to the destination, you can also go by train, plane or bus.

Via train, it is possible to bring a bicycle on the Inlandsbanan, Norrtåg and Snälltåget, but if you travel with SJ, the bicycle must be packed in a bag. Via bus, it is possible to bring a bicycle on Länstrafiken’s buses, but space is limited. If you fly, the bike must also be packed in a bag.

Bring your bike on Swedish trains – a helping hand from the Swedish Bicycle Association Cykelfrämjandet.

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