Top biking routes in Jämtland Härjedalen

Jämtland Härjedalen in Sweden is very bike-friendly with a well-developed network of cycling trails. Discover family tours both in the countryside and on mountain trails or try the challenging routes downhill mount Åreskutan. Here is ten top biking routes in beautiful Jämtland Härjedalen.

Mountainbike in Funäsfjällen
Downhill i Lofsdalen | Foto: Callum Jelley
Mountainbike i Funäsfjällen | Foto: Anders Robertsson
Downhill, cykling i Åre | Foto: Niclas Vestefjell
Downhill, cykling i Åre | Foto: Niclas Vestefjell

Around lake Storsjön – Sweden´s fifth largest lake

A rather long day on your bike or four days discovering cultural, historical and natural attractions and astonishing views around the lake. Along the lake are barns and fields together with houses, some dating back to the 18th century. Behind are the mountains forming a backdrop with a few spots of snow even in summer. Do not forget to bring your camera in case you are one of the lucky few to see Storsjöodjuret (the great lake monster).

Around Offerdal parish – A whole day in the country side

86 km through the villages in Offerdal starting and stopping in the village Tulleråsen. The best view is in the long downhill between Tångeråsen village and Rönnöfors with the mighty Offerdalsfjällen fells to feast your eyes.

Around lake Lofssjön – A family tour

A 40 km long tour on asphalt and gravel for a whole day of bathing, fishing and of course stops to have som “swedish fika”. Get your supplies in Lofsdalen village before you go off on your day of adventure.

Mount Kariknallen – technical and physically demanding

8 km of tough cycling from the mountain village Bruksvallarna with breathtaking views and a potential stop for crispy waffles with whipped cream and cloudberry jam.

King Karl XI:s road – full of stories and traditions

King Karl XI had no higher thoughts of these remote parts of his kingdom. In his days there where none around following the clock, no one knew about coffee and furthermore he thought the roads were horrid. After his visit knowledge flourished as he demanded new roads to be built and today the destination Vemdalen is one of the greatest in Jämtland Härjedalen. We guarantee you will like cycling on the King Karl XIs old road!


Downhill, Åre | Photo: Mattias Fredriksson
Discover challenging routes downhill mount Åreskutan | Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

The bike paths of village Fugelsta – built by enthusiasts

Cycle on forest paths with jumps and curves all built by the village cyclists and their friends. They are continually making more trails for all to enjoy beginners and pro:s, young and old.

King Karl Johans road – cycling across the swedish-norwegian border

Cycle in the border mountains between Sweden and Norway along king Karl XIV Johans road, built for him to travel through his new kingdom in the beginning of the 19th century.

Lofsdalen Bike Park – for the adventurers of tomorrow

Downhill cycling for beginners as well as more advanced with the ski lift to take you up for another go. Lofsdalen is a cosy mountain village where you can rent your whole kit to go downhill.

Åre Bike Park – hold your tongue!

When you are ready there are many challenging routes to go downhill mount Åreskutan. Several ski lifts will take you up the mountain.