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Some say winter in Sweden is nothing but dark and cold. Truth is, the winter up north in Sweden is an amazing time of the year. With the low humidity the impression of the cold weather is not as harsh as in more humid areas and when snow covers the ground and trees it creates a magnificent reflection of the sun that gives a special kind of bright light to the surroundings. And then of course, we have the northern lights. Every time you stand under a greenish sky where colours dance at night, in warm clothes and a knitted beanie, you get swept away, feeling you have entered another dimension.

Mid summer, around the 25th of June, is the brightest time of the year in Jämtland Härjedalen and the sun is up almost through the night – the short time when it’s set, there is twilight. This enables you to go on for many hours – hiking, biking, fishing throughout the whole day. 

Whatever season you choose for your visit, there are some ins and outs of travel in Sweden and Jämtland Härjedalen in particular. The information provided here will give you guidance to the best seasons to travel, transportation, how to act when you are in the mountains, where to put up your tent and make a campfire, even where to look out for local delicacies and great outdoor gear.

Happy planning!

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