The vast mountain ranges lie ahead, uncharted and inviting, the distant blue horizon stretches as far as the eye can see and the quite serenity of the ancient forests consumes the sound of your footsteps as you hike along a damp pathway besides a rippling stream. Along the way lies culinary treasures; cloudberry’s, chanterelle mushrooms and blueberries and the streams offer the chance of hooking a wary trout. Keep an eye open for grouse or reindeer in the mountains and moose, lynx and bears in the forests. In winter the waffle cabins make the perfect stop while skiing. Build a “snow sofa” in the late winter sunshine and indulge in rich hot chocolate while soaking in the suns rays. Endless possibilities brimming with intangible excitement await those who are willing to immerse themselves in the experiences.

We love our nature – join us.

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